Top 5 Tuesday…And My 5 Fave Comfort Foods (with recipes)

New post this week from my good friend Jennifer over at All Things Messy…Comfort Food Favorites! And she very sweetly shared my mom’s chicken & dumplings recipe. You should definitely try it if you are so inclined. There are a few recipes that are deeply connected to childhood memories, and this is definitely one of them for me. My mom made them a lot growing up…and it is a fantastic recipe! Still one of my faves.

Also, Jennifer’s Minestrone Soup & “Drunken Beans” recipes look pretty fantastic, so they are for sure going on my list to try very soon. So if you need some comfort food inspiration for the upcoming cold months, check out her great post!

all things messy...

Hello hello my blogger friends! It’s been a crazy week, full of adventure, new beginnings and tons of change in our lives here!  When there’s a lot of change happening, I tend to resort back to what’s normal, what feels good.  Are you like that too?  When the changes come, I hole up in my house and try to go back to what I know…my creature comforts.  For me, of course, that’s always going to be food! As if there was any other answer.

This weekend a friend of mine was on Facebook saying how she was making her mother’s chicken and dumplings recipe, and it hit me!  First, ask said friend for a helping of those dumplings…next, make more of my own comfort food!  Your favorites might not be the same as mine, but I know that most of us always go back to those comforts.  I’m hoping you…

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