Foodie Friday: Making Meal Planning Simple

From my good friend, Jennifer, over at All Things Messy. This is very practical and super helpful! I’m totally doing this, especially the “secret” Pinterest board. Some great ideas here! It’s Foodie Friday, y’all! 😉 Enjoy!

all things messy...

Before we start I wanted to announce the winner of the “Interrupted” book giveaway this week…(drum roll)

Congratulations to TenderTenbrink!  Your book will be coming to you very soon!  

177351366The more I talk to people about my passion, cooking, the more the topic eventually gets around to meal planning (or their lack thereof).  I grew up with a Mom who made a list before going to the store, for one week at a time if I’m remembering correctly.  In turn, this has been something that we (let’s not play games here, it’s really my job) have done as well.  We found out early on in our marriage that if we went to the grocery store without a list, more money would be spent and halfway through the week we wouldn’t have all of the ingredients that we needed for each meal.  Therefore, list making = time well…

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